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Traveling Czech Republic Greenways  
Greenways Travel Club: Active travels, biking and hiking across Greenways of Czech Republic (Prague, Telc, Cesky Krumlov, Trebic, Mikulov, Lednice, Valtice)
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Central Europe Walking Vacations

Greenways Travel Club has arranged hiking tours along Vienna - Prague Greenways since 1996. This unique, cultural trail leads through the varied countryside of the Czech Republic graced with romantic parks, wine-growing villages, beer-making towns, the bygone Iron Curtain, Baroque chateaux and churches, Gothic castles, Renaissance palaces and sgraffito houses, meandering river valleys and magnificent Prague, "a city of a thousand spires".

There are many charming regions in the heart of Europe you can discover with our tours, the most popular are:

Amber Trail - rewarding hiking tour either from Budapest or Vienna to Krakow in the footsteps of the historic amber trade routes

Elbe River Trail - favorite scenic trip from Prague through Saxon-Bohemian Switzerland National Park to Dresden