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Biking, hiking, traveling across Czech Republic's, Prague, Telc, Cesky Krumlov, Mikulov, Lednice

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Cycling Vienna - Prague
Walking Vienna - Prague
Cycling Budapest - Cracow
Walking Budapest - Cracow
Czech experience tour
Flexible multisport tour
Economy flexible tour
Czech Greenways by car


Czech Republic Bicycle Tours
Slovakia Bicycle Tours
Central Europe Bicycle Tours
Create your own tour
Bike rental

Walking Vienna - Prague
Walking Budapest - Cracow
Walking Prague - Dresden
Czech Greenways Multisport Flexible Tour Vienna-Prague
Economy flexible tour

History and Architecture

Tour of chateaux, castles, historic towns and formal gardens
Archaeology Tour
Jewish Heritage Tour

Czech art & culture tour

Pottery and Czech Glass Tour
Painterīs Tour
Czech Music Tour
Czech Folklore Tour
Cultural Events Tour

Local beverage experiences

Beer Tour
Wine Tour

Exploring Nature

Birdwatching Tour
Ecology Tour

Active Holidays

Mountain Bike Tour
Horse Riding Tour
Canoe Tour
Fishing Tour


Greenways of Czech Republic - Choose the tour that best fits your needs and interests

Walking Tour Prague - Dresden

The first walking tour along the Vltava and Elbe Rivers connecting these two magnificent cities.

Czech Greenways hiking tour from Vienna to Prague

Have a wander along the Czech Republic by foot.

Czech Greenways bike tour from Vienna to Prague

Experience the rich cultural heritage of the Czech Republic by bike.

Bicycle tour from Budapest to Cracow

Encounter the breath-taking nature and history of the Budapest - Cracow Amber Trail.

Walking tour from Budapest to Cracow

Follow in their footsteps. Walk the historical route of the Budapest - Cracow Amber Trail.

Flexible multisport tour

here you can choose various activities each day
Also available is the Economy flexible multisport tour.

Czech Republic Bicycle Tours

Top Bicycle Tours in the Czech Republic for cycling enthusiasts.

Bicycle Tours in Slovakia

Greenways Travel Club with its Topbicycle Tours project is one of the first travel agencies doing bicycle tours in Slovakia.

Bicycle Tours in Central Europe

Cycling in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Hungary and Poland with Topbicycle Tours.

The Czech experience tour

the best of Greenways: a well-rounded exploration of the country, its people, culture, and nature.

Czech Greenways by car

rent a car and go along the Greenways.

Special interest tours

choose your tour by your interest. Do you like biking, hiking...? Are you interested in archeology or music?

Create your own tour
Our project Topbicycle for cyclists introduces a new service called "Create Your Own Tour".

Bike rental
Topbicycle has a Central Europe bike rental service which covers the entire Czech Republic and parts of Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Poland and Germany.


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