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Discover interesting places of Czech Republic closed off for 40 years behind the Iron Curtain

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Flexible touring through Czech countryside, closed off for 40 years behind the Iron CurtainCzech Greenways Flexible Multisport Tour
(self guided or guided)
9-day / 8-night itinerary

"Pick Your Own" Vacation

This multi-activity program takes you along the entire Czech Greenway. It is designed to be flexible, allowing you to rediscover the most interesting, off-the-beaten-track places closed off for forty years behind the Iron Curtain. and giving you a maximum degree of freedom and independent choice. The program is founded on the principle of the self-guided tour - you enjoy yourself and we take care of the details.

See our Flexible Multisport tour itinerary.

The main idea is versatility:
• You decide when and where your vacation will start
• Each day you can travel to a different place
• You decide how many nights to spend in a given stop
• Each day you can choose a different means of transportation for your tour - on foot, on horseback, by bicycle, or by car, and sometimes even by canoe.

HikingFor each day there is a different selected route, 14 miles maximum, taking you over the best parts of each Greenway area. You will be given maps, and a detailed trail guide and itinerary.
Cycling If you choose to go bike riding on a given day, you will be provided with cycling maps wioth route highlighted, itinerary, panniers, and a bicycle to ride over a selected route up to 36 miles long.
HorsebackOn a given day you may choose to look over a section of the Greenways from the saddle, maximum length 4 hours. This is the only one of the four options that returns you to your starting point at the end of the day.
Car You can also travel by car with our driver or a rental car. You will be taken to see the most interesting towns or points of interest, and be offered the option of a short hiking route (max. 6 miles).
Canoe In three places along the Greenway it is possible to go by canoe. The longest route is 10 miles; the easier ones you may travel by yourself, while on the harder ones you are accompanied by a trained guide.

Schedule a day for relaxation - our program also offers a day of rest and recreation, to give you a break from your hiking, biking, canoeing, horse riding and driving activities. One day you can spend your time in a historic spa. Another day can be set aside for arts and history.
The combination is up to you - on each given day the means of travel you pick can be different, or you can choose to go for example by bicycle or on horseback the entire trip.

Each day's program, whatever the activity, is organized to give you ample time to explore the destination town of the day. Since the Prague / Vienna Greenway is about 250 miles long, you will be tranferred over some sections. Longer parts, such as Vienna - Breclav, will be covered by train, shorter sections by car.

Price (per person) for self-guided tour: 1990 EUR (based on double occupancy)
Single supplement: 400 EUR
Price includes: • Accommodation in select hotels and pensions (8 nights)
• Buffet breakfast
• Luggage transfer during the entire trip
• English route descriptions
• Detailed cycling or hiking maps
• Town maps
• Global Positioning System (GPS) console with programmed route
• Transportation by car according to program
• Welcome briefing upon arrival
• Quality Trek or Scott bike rental, horse and canoe rental
• Stand-by support (cell phone and contact person)

If you have a group of four or more people then get in touch with us for custom guided tours - info@gtc.cz

Price (per person) for guided tour
Group size 4-7 people:
Group size 8+ people:

2880 EUR (based on double occupancy)
2570 EUR (based on double occupancy)
Single supplement: 400 EUR
Price includes: • Professional bilingual guide
• Accommodation in select hotels and pensions (8 nights)
• Support van
• Buffet breakfast and dinner
• Luggage transfer during the entire trip
• English route descriptions
• Detailed cycling or hiking maps
• Town maps
• Quality Trek or Scott bike rental, horse and canoe rental
• Welcome briefing upon arrival
• Guided tours at chateaux, castles,museums and other select attractions
• Special events, including wine tasting and picnics

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